Where to go

This is the list of places I wrote about and suggestions of where to go. Click on the country name to read the story 🙂 If not clickable, I am working on it! Feel free to contact me to ask when will be ready.


Anse Source D'argent beach
Anse Source D’argent beach, Seychelles

Safari into the wild, while a ryno is coming after you. Eat snails in Marrakech night market. Learn about tribe life from a local village. Get tanned on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, in Seychelles. Whatever you do, first time to Africa it’s going to be an intense experience.


Suspended bridge in Costa Rica
Suspended bridge in Costa Rican rainforest

North and South America are completely different. Either you want to brush up your language skills, to learn new dance moves or see where your favourite movies were filmed, there’s a bit of everything. It’s not going to be a cheap one, I’m afraid. And don’t forget about Central America… and the rum waiting.


Mu Palace
Mu Palace in Lijiang ancient town, China

I must confess: I LOVE East Asia. And if you wondered why there are so many articles about places in East Asia, now you know! The rich history and culture, the kindness of people, the amazing food… can’t decide what’s the best.


Stockholm old city
Stockholm, Sweden

Europe is home, a cool home. So many countries and ideas squeezed in this tiny continent. Drive 1h and you are in a different world. Enjoy the freedom, the history, the art of some of the most impressive museums or taste a real pizza in her home country. Yep, pizza always works.

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