The coolest coffee shops in Bucharest

The coolest coffee shops in Bucharest

Flat white or cold brew? Soy latte or decaf? You may underestimate the charms of the Romanian capital, but Bucharest has them all! Always in search for a great morning coffee, one of my dearest friends is willing to share some of the best places in town. From coffee lover to coffee lover, here are the coolest coffee shops in Bucharest:

Beans & Dots

Beans&Dots Speciality Coffee Shop & Concept Store Bucharest Romania
Coffee @Beans&Dots Speciality Coffee Shop & Concept Store

Are you looking for the BEST flat white? Yep, it’s here. And while you enjoy it, you might even see a Romanian actress sipping the same. Actors, designers or screenplay writers, we know artists have good tastes, and this is their favourite spot. Maybe also because this place is conveniently located within walking distance to the National Theatre to the East, the Old town to the South, gorgeous Cismigiu Gardens and Park to the West and National Arts Museum or Romanian Athenaeum to the North.

This industrial looking coffee shop is also a great place to meet people: they have a big table where you can sit next to other coffee lovers.

Beans&Dots Speciality Coffee Shop & Concept Store Bucharest Romania
Beans&Dots Speciality Coffee Shop & Concept Store


Technology is taking over the world, and instead of escaping it, why not embrace it? You won’t feel alone, this is a digital nomads’ heaven and vloggers come here all the time. Available plugs or strong wifi connection is never an issue. Just to quote M60’s story, they created a home-like environment in the heart of the city, a place for working and socializing, specially designed for creative workers, full-time travellers and urban dwellers.

M60 Coffee shop bucharest romania
Coffee @M60


This cosy coffee shop wants to remind you of the importance of taking a break and just enjoy the moment. Because sometimes, all you need is to pause everything and have a great coffee, then you’re ready to face the world again. Ok, maybe you’ll need to add some cookies to it, home-made cookies.

Apart from coffee and cookies, they also have fresh smoothies and yummy shakes, lots of healthy or sugary options to choose from. If you are in Bucharest and you want to go the local way, Meron is a great alternative to big chains like Starbucks.

Meron coffee shop bucharest romania
Coffee @Meron


Creamier Bucharest Romania
Coffee @Creamier

Creamier makes a coffee not only taste good but look good as well, and you can find here some of the most creative latte arts. With a Bohemian twist, this place is comfortable for everyone, from hipsters to families. How cool is that? And we recommend trying their special 3 pain au chocolat.

Summer in Romania can get really hot, so adding a handcrafted ice cream always helps. The outside seating is perfect for relaxing and enjoying one of the prettiest areas in the heart of Bucharest.

Creamier Bucharest Romania
Creamier Bucharest


Like sweet coffee? Here you’ll find the best flavoured coffee with signature combinations, including Coconut Macadamia, Irish Cream, French Nougat or Matcha. And if that wasn’t enough, another great thing is that you can choose from a large variety of types of milk: almond, soy, coconut.

It’s very popular among the locals, as it’s spreading around multiple locations in Bucharest and other cities. And it’s only fair to do so, it makes it convenient to find a nice coffee and keep up with the latest trends. They serve the most-wanted combination at the moment: chia & granola.

Ted's Coffee Co. Bucharest Romania
Coffee @Ted’s Coffee Co.

Boutique du Pain

Using a French name can only suggest the elegant and classy touch this place offers. Or the fact that their pastries are always fresh and tasty. I totally recommend their Pain au Raisins! And for cappuccino lovers, normal or Viennese, it’s simply great.

The idea was to create a peaceful spot in the middle of the urban jungle, where one can enjoy fresh food surrounded by warm light and wooden furniture.

Boutique du Pain Bucharest Romania
Boutique du Pain Bucharest

Alright… time to leave the house and try one the coolest coffee shop in Bucharest!

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