Stockholm for the weekend

Stockholm for the weekend

I didn’t have many expectations, but I had a good time in Stockholm. It was autumn, but still sunny. The city is small and cosy, all walkable. Initially, I was not planning to go to Sweden, but it was on my way to South Korea, so I said: “Why not?” The plane ticket was cheaper with this extra stop.

I remember that it was pleasant and I saw it as a nice place to live. People were friendly, streets were clean and calm. I wouldn’t say it’s a must see or there are some out of common attractions. It’s perfect for a weekend escape. As an experience, I find it similar to Oslo.

Skansen Stockholm

The Old Town

The Old Town is very pretty. I wondered around its streets and went to the Royal Palace. You can also see the changing guards at certain times.

Stockholm old city

Stockholm Royal Palace

Vasa Museum

A very impressive warship at its time, never made it out of the port. It took an incredible amount of work to build it, just to see it sink afterwards. And again, it took an incredible amount of work to lift it up, for us to see it on the ground. I liked the museum, the ship and the story behind it.

Vasa Museum


This is a history museum and zoo together. I saw reindeer and moose. I love animals, so this was one of the highlights of my trip.

Skansen moose

Skansen reindeer

Unfortunately, I didn’t do much during the evenings. I took with me only light clothes because the weather was better for the rest of the trip. So I had to “sacrifice” Stockholm. During the day was totally fine, it was chilly but sunny. It was warm enough to make it pleasant. But once the sun was down, I was back to the accommodation or a place close by, with a warm cup in my hand. Definitely not a cold weather person.


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