Romanian restaurants in London

Romanian restaurants in London

Friends had asked me about Romanian restaurants in London, as they haven’t seen any. Truth is, there is only a few of them close to central London. I’ve been only to two Romanian restaurants since I moved here because I go home a few times a year and I save myself for mom’s food. Romania is only 3,5h away from London, so if you really want the authentic taste and at lower prices, just take a flight! But if you can’t do that, well…

Here’s my list of Romanian restaurants in London (located within zones 1-3):

La Maria Restaurant, Royal Oak

The restaurant is quite small when you enter, but has a room downstairs as well. As they advertise, it has Romanian and Italian dishes as well, which kind of spoils it in my view, but well. The location is convenient and the food is good.

“Mici” (mee-tchee meaning little ones) is a very common street food in Romania, made of minced meat. Whenever you go on a road trip, you can spot from the distance a family run restaurant with a barbeque outside. They most probably sell “mici”, which usually comes with a side dish, like fries, and mustard. If it’s summer, “mici” and beer go hand in hand.

Mici with mustard
Mici with mustard

Crystals of London, Park Royal

The restaurant is big and well kept, as they organize events as well. I’ve been there at a Christmas party some time ago. It’s a bit further from central London, but it looks nice and has a better variety.

“Sarmale” is another typical Romanian dish, the cabbage rolls. It takes long and they are quite difficult to make. We usually eat them in winter (around Christmas time) or celebrations like weddings, but that’s not a rule. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of the place, nor sarmale, it was before my “blogging” days.

So until I get one, I will add a photo of a “vacuta” (va-coo-tza meaning little cow) soup, from Romania. It’s beef soup with vegetables, watery and a bit sour, it’s a Romanian’s favorite.

Vacuta soup
Vacuta soup

Below are the ones I haven’t tried yet, but have on my list:

Amurg, Leyton 

Restaurant Cornelius, Turnpike Lane

I had a look at the menu and while it doesn’t seem very Romanian at first glance, it does have some of the traditional dishes.

Restaurant Noroc, Bounds Green 


PS: The locations next to the Restaurant name are tube stations relatively close to it.

If you know any others, feel free to mention it in the comments. This post definitely needs more improvement 🙂

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  • 7 months ago

    La Masa Restaurant Romanesc
    12-20 Longbridge Road, Barking IG11 8RX

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