Bank holiday – a road trip in Ireland

Bank holiday – a road trip in Ireland

All my friends know by now that I love exotic places, jungle, hot weather, nice beaches. Unfortunately, I cannot pick those for short trips, and it’s a pity not to enjoy every bank holiday with a new travel 🙂 Last year for the Easter bank holiday I went on a road trip in Ireland. I had four days in total, two for Dublin and a weekend road trip with my friends living there. We managed to see all we had planned and it was not as tiring as it looks. We were also lucky to get decent weather, sunny sometimes.


I arrived in Dublin. I joined a free city tour which was fun, I usually join these tours. They tell you details and stories you most probably didn’t read in a travel guide. I went to Guinness Storehouse, which is one of the top attractions, and for good reason. I walked everywhere, went to St Patrick Cathedral, Trinity College, and Dublin Castle.

Ireland - Dublin statue
It is said that touching the lady’s boobs brings good luck.

What I thought it would be a fun thing to do, is to go to the Leprechaun Museum. Yep, they have one. But I wouldn’t say it’s that exciting. I love stories and legends, so I enjoyed it, together with other children.

Road trip to the North

On Saturday we rented a car and started the trip towards North. We stopped in Belfast for a few hours, to fast-visit and eat. I think it’s a nice city, and my feeling is the history is quite present there, or maybe because I am interested in it. Then we went to the Dark Hedges. I haven’t seen Game of Thrones but I’ve seen the pictures, and it looked awesome. Reality is, it looks great, but not like in those pictures. We waited some time for the road to clear, otherwise, the cars break all the magic. When the road was finally clear, nice and enjoyable, it started to rain. So we soon left.

Dark Hedges - road trip in ireland
Dark Hedges

We stopped next to Giant’s Causeway. It’s very impressive and definitively worth. I didn’t enjoy the wind and cold, but I loved the views.

Ireland - Giant’s Causeway
Giant’s Causeway

We didn’t book anything for the night, as we were not sure where we would stop. We decided to stop in Londonderry, and to our surprise, all cheap accommodations were booked. It’s still a mystery why, but it was difficult to find a place to sleep. In the end, we found a really pretty and cosy accommodation.

From North to West

Next day we drove all the way to Ashford Castle. It was a long ride, but the views were nice, no traffic didn’t feel when the time passed. The castle is now a hotel, but you are still allowed to walk around. Both the castle and the surroundings are very well kept.

Ireland - Ashford Castle
Ashford Castle

In the afternoon we got to Cliffs of Moher, which initially I didn’t think we will have time to, but I’m happy we did. It was a sunny day, which made it even more pleasant.

Ireland - Cliffs of Moher
Cliffs of Moher

Then we headed back to Dublin, and arrived just before midnight, in time to return the rental car. Though it was a short trip, we saw a lot and Ireland is very refreshing. I definitively recommend it, especially renting a car and just explore, the country is quite small, good roads and easy to find your way. And to add, the locals are welcoming and nice.

Ireland - traditional dress
Tourist me

Taking a few days off from routine is always refreshing. But day trips can also do the trick!







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