London Street Food – Whitecross Market

London Street Food – Whitecross Market

I’ve recently started a job in Old Street and I’m quite new exploring the area. But when it comes to lunch, there is nothing better than the street food market. That is, if you don’t cook, like me. I like street food markets because the food is cheap, fast, warm and quite healthy. I wish we had these in Romania.

Whitecross Market is only a few minutes walk from the Old Street station. There are all kinds of cuisines, covering different tastes and spicy levels. Usually, there is a veggie option and some limited options for vegan, gluten-free and others. Just ask the people there. I walked around taking photos, some better, some worse. At lunchtime, it’s crazy busy, everybody queueing or rushing somewhere.

Make sure to bring cash with you, this is one of the few places in London where you actually need cash. Some of them take cards, but not all. The prices range from £4 to £7 a meal.

What I’ve tried

Whitecross market Pho Noodles Soup
Vietnamese Pho Noodles Soup

This is one of my favorites, for winter at least. They do other dishes as well, but I always get the soup.

Pho noodles soup
Veggie Pho Noodles Soup
Happy Budha Bowl
Happy Budha Bowl

This is like the rainbow of the Whitecross Market, you don’t when it’s going to show up. They are usually only on Fridays, and it’s always a huge queue (the one in the photo continues to the right). They have only one product, vegetarian, called Happy Budha Bowl. I had it once and it’s very nice, but didn’t take a photo.

Whitecross market Bibento

Bibento is another one of my favorites. It’s Japanese and Korean fusion, with beef, chicken or veggie options. And you can always add extra kimchi.

Bibento Veggie
Bibento Veggie
Whitecross market French
A la French Galletes

The wrap is like a crepe and you can choose the filling. They heat and mix the filling in front of you. It tastes nice, but it’s a bit oily to have it very often.

Whitecross Market Lek's Thai Food
Lek’s Thai Food

I love Thai food in general, so I’m happy I can get some anytime I feel like. Of course it’s not like in Thailand, but still.

Veggie Pad Thai
Veggie Pad Thai
Whitecross market salad
Sunny’s Olive Tree

There are a few salads places at the market, but the Greek salads are one of the best. It’s actually double the size than in the photo and you can pick whatever you want. The end result is one of the boxes on display. I like it, but in winter I always end up getting something warm. I will definitely try it more often in summer.

Whitecross Market Karuna

This was my only unfortunate encounter at the market. I didn’t pay attention that I was ordering Indian food, was just looking to try something new. I went back to the office and start eating. 2 seconds later, my mouth was burning! Yes, Indian food is spicy.

What I haven’t tried

There are plenty of them I haven’t tried and my plan is to try them all before exploring elsewhere. It might take a while, soo many options!

Whitecross market burritos

Is it just me, or do they really look alike? Pretty van, pretty lady, I don’t know about the food.

Whitecross market Paella
Whitecross market Katsu
Katsu Curry
Whitecross Market Brazil Flavour
Brazil Flavour
Whitecross market Lil' Italy
Lil’ Italy
Whitecross market Carribean food
Caribbean food
Whitecross Market Turkish Gozleme
Turkish Gozleme

The sweetie of the market

Whitecross market cakes
Artisan Cakes

There is always room for dessert!

The Unexpected

Whitecross market bitcoin
Bitcoin and Ethereum

So remember I was saying you should bring cash? Some places not only make it possible for you to pay by card, but in *jaw-dropping* cryptocurrencies. Would you have expected this at a street food market?

One of the best things about London is about keeping up with all kinds of trends.

Last but not least

If you’ve already walked all the market and haven’t found anything delicious to eat, don’t worry! You are in the UK, and you can always find fish and chips nearby 🙂

Whitecross market fish and chips
Fish and chips

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