Going to the beach in Romania – Mamaia

Going to the beach in Romania – Mamaia

I’ve been going to the seaside in Romania every summer while living there. It’s very popular with locals, but not so much with foreigners (yet). And it’s very diverse, divided into places for young aged, places for old aged, families, places for the fancy or for the hipster. Whichever the category, there is a place for you, but you have to get to the right one.

One of my best friends, she is travelling as much as I do. Sometimes more. We spend hours doing research, plan the perfect holiday and discover less walked paths. She came up with the idea to write about this. So I’ll be using her advice and photos, as she insists on remaining anonymous.

Romanian Black Sea


“Mamaia” means grandma in spoken Romanian. Why would you name one of the most expensive places at the Black Sea shore like this? No idea. Mamaia is one of the best known, expensive and touristy places to go to the seaside in Romania. This guarantees lots of people, nice beach bars, loud music, vibrant nightlife. And don’t look surprised, Romanian girls love to get a good tan, so topless is quite common.

Doesn’t sound like your style? No worries, drive a few kilometres and there are places that look the total opposite, but I’ll write about them another time. Personally, I find Mamaia entertaining and perfect for a weekend break (from Bucharest).

Where to get a tan?

Loft beach

Aroa beach

Shut Up beach

Shut up Bach
Shut up Bach

Where to eat? Restaurants

Fabaria (Mediterranean)

Il Calcio (Italian)

Taverna Nikos (Greek)

Mesogios (Greek)

In Mamaia, the food is usually overpriced, and not always great quality. Need to be a bit careful where you go. For locals, it seems outrageous. But hey, you don’t come to Mamaia for cheap or traditional food.

Romanian seaside

Where to eat? Street food

Apart from the restaurants, there is plenty of street food, especially sweet choices. Few yummy examples:

Huge thin pancakes filled with Snickers or Bounty

Small doughnuts with white chocolate sauce

Pies with sweet cheese and raisings

Seaside bar

What to do?

Watch the sunset over the lake

Take the Cable Car for an overview of Mamaia and the Black Sea

Luna Park and Aqua Magic Park

Luna Park

Where to sleep?

Here depends very much on the budget and needs. The same as with the restaurants, the hotels tend to be overpriced and not that great. There are many hotels with sea view and placed along the promenade. I would say that even the basic ones won’t go lower than £40/night. And I’m not very up to date with the prices.

A cheaper alternative would be to stay in the city, Constanta. This is Romania’s main port to the Black Sea, there are a few things to see there as well, if you have the time. From there, you can get to Mamaia by regular bus, hop on hop off bus, rented car or uber. It’s really close and easy access.

Beach bed

These are only a few things that we tried and we liked, but there are lots more to do and to enjoy.

Happy travels!

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