First time in Tuscany

First time in Tuscany

I didn’t come up with this trip, it was more like joining a friend’s plans for her birthday. It was my first time in Tuscany. In fact, I didn’t know about Cinque Terre until she told me about it.

We arrived in Pisa in the evening, found a nice airbnb for the night and went out for food and wine. The usual. The next day we went to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It was lovely around there and I wish I had more time to explore.

Fallen Angel, next to Pisa Tower
Fallen Angel, next to Pisa Tower

We soon headed to La Spezia, where we would spend the next nights. La Spezia is a small and cosy city by the sea. We travelled everywhere by train, and it was all well-connected and relatively frequent trains.

La Spezia port
La Spezia port

Cinque Terre 1 – Riomaggiore

The first of the five villages, it’s just a 10 minutes or less by train from La Spezia. It’s very pretty, with its views of colourful houses. We wanted to walk on Via dell’Amore, but unfortunately, it was closed.


Cinque Terre 2 – Manarola

Here we spent less than 1h, we just walked around for a bit. Manarola is way smaller than Riomaggiore. There are lots of vineyards. And more colourful houses.


We skipped number 3, Corniglia.

Cinque Terre 4 – Vernazza

We spent half of the day here, it was also sunny, which made it even better. We ended up visiting Vernazza Castle. We were just searching for a view from the top, walked through a few restaurants and surprise, there was a castle on top! And after so much walk and sun, ice cream was all I needed.


Cinque Terre 5 –  Monterosso

The last stop was even more relaxing. We went straight to the beach and spent a bit of time there. Did a bit of walking but it was already evening, so we went back to La Spezia.


I like Italy in general, but for some reason, I find it a bit overrated. Indeed, it all looks very pretty and even the Airbnb we booked looked very stylish. And as I love the seaside, it can’t be bad. I’m happy if I get to see sunny skies and the sea, my favourite blues together.

The views were the best part of the trip. But even those can become less enjoyable on an empty stomach. The problem is, I don’t eat fish and seafood, and it was all about it. So there were not many choices for me, and the few ones, they were the same at every restaurant. I didn’t starve, but I was expecting the cuisine to be more creative or at least to have more vegetarian options.

Day trip to Florence

It was a rainy day and the mood was not great, but I still managed to enjoy the city. While waiting for my friend to take pictures of every statue’s back. And there’s lots of them! I’m joking. But I did invite him to write a post about his collection. It’s a very beautiful city and it’s perfect for a day trip and more. I was lucky that a friend recommended me to go to Palazzo Pitti, to cite him – the Versailles of Florence – and Piazzale Michelangelo, for the whole city view. They are both amazing and I recommend them further.

Pitti Palace
Inside the palace

It sounds like we did a lot, but it didn’t feel rushed. We had plenty of time to relax and the region is perfect for a few days off from routine.

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