Diana is joining The Lost Romanian

Diana is joining The Lost Romanian

I’m very excited to announce that my dear friend Diana, a passionate traveler, decided to join me as a blogger at The Lost Romanian!

A long time ago

Back in September 2012, Diana and I were volunteering with a Youth on the Move event in Bucharest. We were not besties right away, we didn’t even speak to each other much. Diana was planning to get a scholarship to study in South Korea, one of her dreams. I was just back from my year in Israel and the only conversation we’ve had was about studying abroad. We became friends on Facebook and that was pretty much it.

Volunteers meeting
Volunteers meeting

Later on, she posted about winning the scholarship. I was very happy for her and I was looking forward to more posts. As I was following her, I was hoping to travel to South Korea while she’s still there.

One flight needed

At the end of 2015, I finally found a cheap flight to Seoul. And Diana had recently moved to Seoul, after living in Busan. I wrote to her about my planned trip and that I would love to meet her again. Then we started talking daily and we never stopped after that.

Although my trip to Seoul was quite short, we had a great time and discovered how much more we have in common.

That's North Korea on the background
That’s North Korea in the background

Expat life

For me, it was fascinating to learn more about Korean culture and life through Diana’s eyes.

Diana is the type of person to fully submerge in the culture she’s living in. She is learning her (fifth?) foreign language, reads the news and the fashion trends. She is curious to try all the weird dishes and she explores museums and historic places as a hobby. Ok, I should stop now, I’ll let her tell the stories.

Diana introducing me to Korean BBQ
Diana introducing me to Korean BBQ

The writing

We’ve kept closely in touch since we’ve met in Seoul. I always found myself telling her: You should write about this! So many beautiful stories, it’s a pity not to share them. Then I thought, why not write it together? We share the same approach to life and the same dreams to travel the world.

So my baby blog has now grown up to two (besties) writers 🙂 It’s still a hobby for both of us, but you’ll definitely see more stories coming!

Thank you and welcome on board, Diana!

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