Cool coffee shops in Finsbury Park, London

Cool coffee shops in Finsbury Park, London

I must confess, I’m more of a tea person, but I don’t discriminate. I like coffee shops and tea houses equally. I like a nicely decorated place, quiet, cosy, and with an interesting selection of hot beverages. Add some handmade cookies and cakes to complete. It makes the rainy days in London feel better. It makes a long wait seem shorter. I found a few cool coffee shops in Finsbury Park and thought of sharing them.

Blossom White

This place is soo pretty, both outside and inside. I love the pink theme and the fresh flowers on each table. If you think beetroot juice, coffee and milk have nothing in common, try their signature drink, pink velvet latte.

Pink Velvet Latte Blossom White Finsbury Park
Pink Velvet Latte

N4 Coffee Fruit

This coffee shop is right next to Blossom White, but with a different style. It is cosy and nice, but more of a hipstery vibe. The kind of place you take your laptop and get some work done, while enjoying a good coffee – as a good friend of mine says.

N4 Coffee Fruit Finsbury Park
N4 Coffee Fruit

Boulangerie Bon Matin

On the other side of the road, the bakery is hard to ignore. Just passing by those delicious cakes in the morning…

The place looks small but it actually has a larger room in the back. I went for a macha cheesecake and smoothie, but the menu is so generous it’s hard to decide.

Macha cheese cake and shoothie Finsbury Park
Macha cheesecake and smoothie

Common Ground

If you live in Finsbury Park and walk towards the tube station, like any commuter, you will notice this place. It a “common ground” for coffee lovers, and it has a coffee-related quote suggestively placed on your pathway. Though I haven’t tried it, my friend rated the coffee here as the best in the area and she even bought some to have at home.

What made her think so? A flat white with a cinnamon aftertaste.

Common ground Finsbury Park
Coffee with a street view


More a restaurant than a coffee shop, it’s for those who enjoy a big breakfast together with the coffee. I mentioned it as it’s very conveniently located a few steps away from Finsbury Park station.

English Breakfast and coffee Walnut Finsbury Park
English Breakfast and coffee

As I walk daily on Stroud Green road, these cool coffee shops caught my attention. I’m sure there are more, and I will go discovering them. Do you have any suggestion? Write to me in comments!

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