Choco weekend in Zurich

Choco weekend in Zurich

I took a short weekend break to Zurich, arriving on Saturday afternoon and leaving on Sunday afternoon. You may think that’s too short, but it’s long enough to interrupt the routine and enjoy some great chocolate. I call it the choco weekend in Zurich!

Time to celebrate

The airport is good connected and close to the city. I arrived and went quickly to leave my bag at the hostel and then explore the city. I didn’t know beforehand, but that weekend was Zurich Fest, Switzerland’s largest festival, which happens every three years. The city was more alive than usual, music, all kinds of street food and cheerful people everywhere. I loved it!

Zurich fest
People celebrating on the streets
Zurich fest
Pleasant day in Zurich

But what I came here for, was to try some of the best-known Swiss chocolates at their home.

All about chocolate

Lindt was my favourite long before this trip, and I was expecting a large variety. But apart from the great store presentation, I couldn’t see products I haven’t seen before. Or maybe I didn’t look close enough. I would need to go back 🙂

Lindt chocolate
Lindt store

However, Sprüngli’s champagne truffles are not something you want to miss.

Läderach was a pleasant surprise. I haven’t tried it before and it went straight to my favourite list. The store looked very appealing, good variety and nice staff – you can taste before buying.

Laderach chocolate
Läderach store

The next day I went to Café Schober to try their famous hot chocolate. And it’s indeed very good, not too sweet. To add more, the place itself is so lovely, an old style building with a pretty garden, all very cosy and stylish looking. I totally recommend it.

Cafe Schober
Café Schober

Afterwards, I went to the Swiss National Museum, and I especially appreciated they mention how much foreigners have contributed and how diverse the country is. It made me think it’s a place where I would like to live.

If you like weekend trips, you might want to check Luxembourg castles!




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  • 4 years ago

    My favourite town/city in Switzerland is interlaken!!

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