Bubble Tea in Singapore

Bubble Tea in Singapore

Bubble Tea is a beverage originally from Taiwan, but very popular in all Asia. It even spread to Europe and the US. It’s very easy to find Bubble Tea in Singapore, as every shopping mall has at least a few. I like the taste of it, I like the name of it. You can’t say “Bubble Tea” with a sad face!

There is a wide variety of what goes inside the Bubble Tea, no bubbles unfortunately. It can have a base of tea, milk tea or flavoured tea. I like the simple milk tea but you can also try passion fruit green tea or black tea latte.

Koi Bubble Tea
Milk tea with golden pearls and coconut jelly

Once you have the base, you can add your toping. It can be milk foam, a thick milk layer added on top of the tea, pearls or jelly. Or all of them! There are tapioca pearls that are very chewy, pearls that will pop into your mouth or jelly with different flavours.

Bubble Tea is almost ready, now you only need to decide on sugar level and ice level. When you get the drink the cup is sealed and you need to shake it for the content to mix. The last step is to pierce the top with a sharp straw and enjoy it!

Li Ho Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea with avocado and black sugar

I loved Bubble Tea even before moving to Asia, but now it became a habit to have Bubble Tea in Singapore at least once a week. Some say it’s not healthy, and I also believe it’s not the healthiest of beverages, but hey, we all have things to indulge. Otherwise life is too boring.

Bubble Tea in Singapore

Since Bubble Tea comes from Taiwan, it’s a pride to say the brand comes directly from Taiwan. One of the worldwide known brands is Gong Cha. Locally, Koi Tea is a known brand with stores basically everywhere. They have golden pearls, which are smaller and many more than the black ones. Also local is Li Ho.

Milk tea with honey pearls

I usually don’t like the brands that you find on every street, even though it’s very convenient. So my favourite ones are less common. I love Hollin because their store is very unique, they have chewy pearls with different flavours like honey, strawberries or sesame. The second favourite is The Moment, which I recently discovered and it’s close to my work. Their signature beverage is Grey Milk Tea, and it’s actually grey colour, due to bamboo charcoal.

What is your favourite Bubble Tea?

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