Best brunch places in Bucharest

Best brunch places in Bucharest

If you are not a morning person, brunch sounds like a good plan. I love breakfast, but I always miss it because I also love sleeping till late! Brunch was invented for people like me, probably. So here you go, a list of a favourite few, for the best brunch places in Bucharest. My close friend who also wrote about coffee shops in Bucharest has reviewed them and shared her tips about these hidden gems for a perfect not-so-early morning.

1. Dianei 4

“If I’d have to choose a hashtag for this place I’d use #TotallyHipsterish”

Brunch at Dianei 4 Bucharest
Dianei 4

Dating since the interwar era, the house on which the local exists now has an interesting history behind. In 1950 it was nationalized and functioned during the communist era as the location of the Foreign Intelligence Directorate.  The house remained inhabited after the communist era and got in a severe state of degradation. The owners tried to keep as much as possible from the original construction and they actually managed to do this successfully.  

Favorite brunch:

Sun-dried Tomato Omelette with eggs, champignon mushrooms, dried tomatoes, parmesan, truffle oil, whole wheat homemade bread, butter with dill and parsley, mixed salad.

Omlette Cheese cake Dianei 4 Bucharest
Brunch at Dianei 4

I was pleasantly surprised to even find a keto desert (that’s really rare) – a sugar free cheesecake with home-made berries sauce.

10:00 – 15:00, every day and it comes with a tea or one of the specialty coffee products

laid-back waiters and quick service

they also have a pretty big garden

Dianei (the garden)
The garden

 Tip: Make sure you don’t become addicted to their Spices Latte, which contains a mix of turmeric, ginger, allspice and cinnamon.

Spices Latte at Dianei 4
Spices Latte

2. Arome

The place is located in an old house with high ceiling and for a second you’ll feel like you’re travelling back in time.

They give you fruit flavored water from the house

Arome Bucharest flavoured water
Arome Bucharest

A large variety of tasty options to choose from. There’s no possible way to decide which of these is better: the veggie burger served with red tzatziki sauce, the not-so-much a burger which contains mushrooms Sauté, onion chutney, hummus and beetroot served in a bun or the classical version of brunch, avocado in a baguette generously touched by red pesto and served with arugula.

Brunch at Arome Bucharest
Brunch at Arome

Tip: They have a secret garden.

No photo, it’s secret!

3. Gram Bistro

This is the avocado heaven, they have at least 5 options of brunch based on avocado (but they are quite different from each other).

Gram Bistro brunch bucharest avocado toast
Avocado toast at Gram Bistro

Service can take quite long as the place is overcrowded, especially on weekends

I like the music here a lot, they usually play disco music from the 80s

Tip: Check the walls, they have photos made by local artists.

Gram Bistro brunch bucharest
Brunch at Gram Bistro

4. Mesange Fromage

“Fancy, pricey and worth it!”

Mesange Fromage brunch bucharest
Cheesy brunch

Most of the dishes are based on cheese (I’m wondering why?)

Although they have pretty small portions [a sandwiched priced at 28 lei / 5 pounds] and pretty high prices, I would still recommend this place as it definitely gives you a vibe of an authentic fromagerie from the South of France.

Mesange Fromage brunch bucharest
Brunch at Mesange Fromage

5. Pio Bistro

Glamorous place, you could see that they had a talented designer to take care of their decor.  

famous for their oversized (and very delicious) Matcha Pancake

tasty food & lots of options in the menu

Brunch at Pio Bistro

6. Rio Juice

Colorful place, small and cozy. The owner brought the Acai trend in Bucharest straight from Brasil!

Rio Juice brunch bucharest
Rio vibes in Bucharest

They serve fresh juices, smoothies or milkshakes.

Tip: Acai bowl + granola bio = heaven

Rio Juice brunch bucharest
Brunch at Rio Juice

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