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The Lost Romanian shares her passion for travel and writing, in hopes of making her corner of the world a bit more beautiful. It’s about sharing experiences and knowledge of places all around the world. The good or the bad, the real, how she felt, she wants to spread the word and help her readers with useful travel information and insights. There are no sponsored posts or photoshopped images. Just a bold lady with a long bucket list.


A full-time employee in my late 20s, with some free time and no real problems. I’ve been a solo traveller for many years and it’s one of my dear subjects for writing. I’m especially interested in cultures and philosophy of life… side of travel. How travel improves or messes with our lives, how we deal with it and how to take the best out of it. I’m not planning to quit everything and travel the world, but rather integrate the beauty and wisdom of travelling into my day to day life.

In the end, I intend to explore as much as possible this beautiful world and hopefully understand it better on the way.

Daniela The Lost Romanian About us

Diana (contributor)

A history lover, lost in the past and in the ruins. Walking around an ancient town feels like going back in time, I can close my eyes and picture it. Always in the search of new cultures and thirsty to learn more about myself and the world. My wish? To travel the entire world.

Meanwhile, I’m fascinated with South Korea, a far and mysterious land, which I will let you discover bit by bit. And did I mention I’m a foodie? Not just delighting my senses with interesting tastes, but slowly falling for the art of cooking.

Diana The Lost Romanian About us

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