2019 New Year Travel Resolutions

2019 New Year Travel Resolutions

It’s that time of the year when you think about everything that happened in the past and hope for a better future. Even though it’s just a convention, a randomly selected date, it’s good to draw a line, pause, then start fresh. I did complete part of my 2018 New Year Travel Resolutions and I believe 2019 ones give continuity but also opening new roads.

Overall, it’s been a good year. I have good health, no financial problems and dear ones who support me to the moon and back. So whenever I start complaining about having a tough year, I remember this, and I’m like: “Daniela, you have no shame…” haha

  1. Travel even less

I stopped counting countries a while ago, but last week I realised I’ve been to 40 countries so far, some of them several times. Even though I started to travel slower and more comfortable, I still travel a lot. Since I started working full time in Jan 2013, I have never taken a day off to stay at home. None. In SIX years. I considered it a wasted day and I planned all my days off, bank holidays and any other occasion on travel.

This year I want to explore more the city I live in. I used to see the city I live in as a base for travel, and only explore it when I’m not travelling. But instead of dreaming of distant places, I will make an effort to become more aware of the beauties under my nose.

I am taking 2 days off next week (plus the weekend) and I am not leaving London. Shocking right? It was a difficult decision and I still struggle with the temptation of booking a trip. So wish me luck!

Street flowers in London
  1. Not a priority anymore

I’ve been travelling a lot for several years now, alone, with others, backpacking, luxury, work, all kinds. I learned so much and it brought the best out of me. And I can’t highlight enough how amazing travelling is. But I believe I already found all the answers I was looking for, at least the ones travelling can uncover.

I recently came to realize how distant and unavailable I might have been to those around me. I am very lucky to be surrounded by loving and accepting people, which I always took for granted. I still don’t know where they get so much patience with my constant moods and travels! So I am planning to climb down my pink cloud and be more present in their lives.

Hampstead Heath park nature shadows
Walk in the Hampstead Heath park
  1. Getting stylish

As you may notice, I’m trying to let go of travelling, which has become a major part of who I am. I don’t want to be a full-time traveller or, as a good friend puts it, just “the girl who travels”. I mean, it’s very cool, and it will still define me through life, but it’s part of the journey, not the journey itself.

I used to travel more for my personal development, and now it’s mostly for pleasure. I feel I don’t get as many benefits out of it as before, so I want to leave room for other hobbies to grow. And I noticed I started to be more interested in beauty and style. I doubt I will become a fashion addict or anything similar, but I find it interesting how it shapes one’s image and overall well-being. Ultimately, it should be a reflection of who I am. I was not interested in it before nor thought of it as being fun, it was a bit surprising to me. But hey, like it or not, we all change, our tastes define and refine over time and might as well embrace it!

Smile is a must!

Wait… what about the blog?

Lately, things have been quite intense and I couldn’t keep up with regular blogging. I love writing and I have a long list of articles to publish. To give you an idea, I have yet to finish writing about the beautiful places I visited in China, which was back in May. That far behind I am!

There are still lots to improve on my blog, the writing, the photos, the looks. I will do it gradually and I haven’t planned anything big, just the usual. One thing I won’t be focusing on is social media. Bloggers, and not only, use it as a tool. Which I think takes away most of the fun. So I’m keeping the fun part and don’t care about the numbers.


Happy New Year!

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