10 travel gift ideas under 10 pounds

10 travel gift ideas under 10 pounds

Last evening I received chocolate Easter bunnies from my close friends (yey) and made me very happy. A gift doesn’t necessarily need to be big or expensive, and we all know it. The more you know someone, it will become more clear what they would really like. So I thought of writing this travel gift ideas under 10 pounds for all my friends and friends of friends who love travelling.

All my suggestions are taken from Amazon, with the prices of today [see article day above]. You can click on the photo to see more details.

Luggage Tags

Everybody has a luggage when they go on a holiday, but not many buy a luggage tag. A luggage tag is useful when your luggage gets lost (let’s hope it won’t though). It makes it easier for whoever finds it to contact you. It’s also a stylish accessory to match with the luggage and makes it easier to spot among dozens of other luggage.

Vintage World Map Luggage Tag
Luggage Tag – £3.48

Travel Journal

Technology is taking over the world and you don’t need to handwrite anything nowadays. Yet, bringing a paper journal on a holiday can be useful if travelling to a very remote area. One can write down important information, impressions or just doodle.

Travel Journal Diary with Retro Pendants
Travel Diary – £5.99

Scratchable World Map

Ok, this one is not very useful, just pretty and fun. After each travel, the proud owner of the map can scratch the country and reveal its bright colour. When feeling sad, looking at the map can bring some joy. The maps come in different sizes.

Scratchable World Map
Scratchable World Map – £9.97

Money Box / Piggy Bank

Saving money for a trip is the worst part. And to be honest, nobody uses piggy banks anymore because coins are not going to get you on a flight anytime soon. But a beautiful use of a piggy bank is to collect coins from your travels. That’s why I find the see-through jars particularly cool.

Adventure Fund Jar
Adventure Fund Jar – £6.05

Passport holder

It does what the name says: it holds your passport. Tighter than you do. And protects it. I have a pink one bought from my trip to Florence and I find it useful. If you know someone who doesn’t use one and travels often, this might come very useful.

Passport Holder
Passport Holder – £4.65

Photo frame

This is a classic one, you can’t go wrong with a photo frame, as everybody likes to bring photos and memories together. I like the wooden frames, but there are so many options, styles and colours.

Photo Frame
Photo Frame – £6.95

Dreamcatcher / Lucky Charm

It really depends on the person, if they like lucky charms. Each culture has its own traditions and superstitions for bringing good luck and some are very creative. One of my favourites, the “dreamcatcher”, is a protective charm from the Native Americans.

Handmade Dream Catcher
Dreamcatcher – £8.19

Phone case

You would need to know what phone your friend has, and maybe if she/he plans to change it anytime soon. And with so many types of phones, it’s very easy to get it wrong. Still, it makes a nice gift and there is literarily million of options for designs.

Phone Case
Phone Case – £4.99

Smartphone clip lens

They are small round objects you clip to your smartphone’s camera and it makes cool photos. The fisheye makes it kind of in a loop, the wide angle, well, it widens the angle and the micro allows you to take better photos closer.  If you have a friend passionate about photography but who don’t want to invest in a camera or expensive equipment, this tiny gift will make a difference.

Phone Camera Lens
Phone Camera Lens – £9.89

Travel Guide

It’s free to search on google all the information you need, but not everybody has the time or a passion for it, which case, a travel guide is welcome. If you know your friend is travelling to an exciting location, this can be very useful. That or when she/he is going to a country with internet restrictions, like Cuba.

Travel Guide
Travel Guide – £9.24

Soo….which one did you get?

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