I’ve never thought of Luxembourg as a must see destination, but I was searching for a city break nearby and it looked like a good idea. My friends asked me what is there to see in Luxembourg? The first thing I would say: They have castles!

So I had one day and a half in total, and it was enough to see what I had in mind. I arrived on Saturday night, got a good sleep and next day woke up early for a Castles-day.

The only downside I find is that on Sunday there are fewer buses and trains, so it took me a ridiculous amount of time to get to 2 of the castles.

Vianden Castle

It’s really pretty. After 2h and something of changing buses and trains, when I got there, it looked like in a fairy tale. It was a sunny day, blossomed flowers everywhere, all quiet and clean. I could see the castle up the hill and the river flowing while standing on the bridge.


The castle, the views, and the whole area is beautiful and makes it a nice experience.

Vianden castle

Vianden castle view

Inside Vianden castle

Beaufort Castle

It took me a while, but I finally got there in the afternoon. Again, Sunday buses, I don’t recommend. The good thing was that there were only a few visitors who left shortly after I started walking around. Basically, I had the whole castle for myself to explore. It was warm and I could hear birds singing, I enjoyed it a lot.


I also started taking all kinds of pictures and selfies and taking a laugh, thinking I’m alone. When I finished and walked back, I realized someone was watching me the whole time. It was quite awkward.

Beaufort castle

Then I made my way back to the city. Next day I had the train back in the afternoon, which allowed me a bit of time to check a few places.

Luxembourg City

The city is small and cozy, with a fortress vibe. For me, half a day was just right, but one can easily spend the whole day exploring.

There is a tourist information point in the city center, where you can get a map for free. Everything is within walking distance. But it’s more about the history of the place and the views, rather than attractions.

Luxembourg city


Luxembourg city

Luxembourg was a pleasant surprise, and not as expensive as I was expecting. I definitively recommend it for a weekend break.