For some reason, I always forget to count Malta when I’m thinking of places I’ve been to. It was a nice holiday since I was spending time with my mom, but not my favorite as a destination.

What’s there to do in Malta?

The beach

 We stayed in Sliema, at a hotel close to the main street. Wrong choice. You can hear loud cars and motorbikes all day and night. The sea was just across the street, but all rocky. There were a few small beaches with sand around the coast, but we had to take a bus to get to them.

Malta sea view

The promenade

The promenade was one of the best things we enjoyed in Malta. There is a very long promenade, with beautiful views and nice restaurants on the way. Evenings were really pleasant.

Malta promenade

Day trip

We took a hop on hop off bus to visit around. It’s cheaper to do it by public buses, but since we had only a few days and with the strong heat, we took the easy way. Malta is quite small but well connected. We stopped in Valletta for a walk. We also stopped at San Anton Gardens and the Medina. For history lovers, there is lots to learn about this tiny island.

Malta city

Malta garden

Malta to see

Blue Lagoon

We saw amazing photos of the Blue Lagoon and we were excited to get there. We took a ferry there and when we got there, it was packed! Like chair next to chair, on a small surface. Since we got there quite early, we were lucky to still find chairs by the sea. But soon there will be more families joining, lots of children playing. It was also very expensive to rent the chairs for a few hours (the rest is all rocks, and no shadow). Also, there were a few fast food options, overpriced as the rest of the things. It was still enjoyable, but we were a bit disappointed.

Malta blue lagoon


Malta Blue lagoon

Yep, this is how Blue Lagoon looks like from the shore.