I want to write about something that I’ve been thinking of and planning for the past month. I started my blog for fun and I discovered I enjoy it. My writing skills and photos are not that great, but I’m gradually improving. I’m also doing my best to keeping it genuine and share advice that I consider useful.

The blog also brought me the opportunity to be part of the travel bloggers’ community. I learned a lot about websites, search engine optimization, social media and not lastly, monetization. It’s a lot of work actually. And it’s way less glamorous than what readers/followers think. It’s just my opinion, as a new blogger.

How does it work?

A blog seems like an easy way to promote yourself as a great individual and earn from it. Of course, there are and should be other reasons, but being a full-time blogger means you earn enough from it to support yourself. Now, there are lots of ways to earn from a blog. Ads and sponsored posts are some of the most common. Yup, a blogger is paid when you click on a link on their website. If you buy something, even better.

Not all users are aware that companies and individuals make money out of their details, clicking and buying stuff online. May sound a bit “scary”, but it’s just how things work. Also, not everything is fake or for profit. It’s just becoming more and more difficult to differentiate. And as a user/follower, you do your reading and shopping anyway, regardless of what’s happening in the background. I just think a bit of awareness is good.

So what’s my plan?

Initially, I said I won’t monetize my blog. I don’t like ads, in general. But then, I’ve read about other ways to monetize it, so I thought I will give it a try, in the future. Last month though, this idea came to my mind: I will monetize my blog and donate the earnings to charity.

To begin with, I don’t even know if I will earn any money with my blog. I keep thinking that I don’t know how to do it properly, I’ve just read about it. Reading and actually doing it are different. And it will be very embarrassing to show that I can’t make it work. But on the other hand, if I guide my life by the fear of failure, I will never start anything. So here I am, doing it anyway, and deal with the embarrassment of failing afterward. If that will be the case.

I will continue traveling and posting travel articles as usual. The difference is that every 3 months I will publish my blogs’ monthly traffic and how much I earned. I will search for a charitable organization and donate 80% of the total earnings to them.

PS: My blog is not yet updated with promotional links (the ones that I can earn from), but you will find the complete list of websites in Travel tips and links.


I always imagined that I will travel the world when I will retire. I was prepared to wait, I just wished I would be healthy enough to make it. I never imagined it will happen so soon, in my 20s. I was so busy chasing it and dreaming, that I didn’t realize when I got there. Now I’m quite satisfied with my travels and experiences.

Another dream that I have is to do charity work, to contribute, to make people’s lives better somehow. I consider myself lucky. I don’t worry about many things, and my struggles are mainly for personal improvement, not needs. And because “being lucky” is not my merit, I always thought, at some point, I will start giving it back.

As a child, I imagined that after I’m retired and I’m done with working and raising children, I will travel the world, volunteer, teach and donate money. Since then, some reality came in. I tried physical work volunteering and teaching, they are totally not my thing. I think they are great activities and I admire those who do it. I would love to enjoy them more, but well, this is who I am.

It looks like my “retirement” dream of traveling anywhere I want came true much earlier, and it makes me think it might be the right time to start doing something about the charity one as well. Link them together. If traveling “couldn’t wait”, the volunteering can’t either.