Going to the beach in Romania – Mamaia

Aroa Beach Aroa Beach

I’ve been going to the seaside in Romania every summer while living there. It’s very popular with locals, but not so much with foreigners (yet). And it’s very diverse, divided into places for young aged, places for old aged, families, places for the fancy or for the hipster. Whichever the category, there is a place for you, but you have to get to the right one.


Oslo for the weekend

View from Opera House

My friend and I decided to go to Oslo on a girls’ trip to catch up while visiting a new place. I was expecting it to be very expensive, but in fact, I don’t think it’s more expensive than London or Paris, as a tourist. It’s also a small and cozy city, we walked everywhere. I was amazed to see a European capital without traffic jams. It was the 1st of May weekend, but still, so quiet.